About Pinang Kicap

Company History

Founded by Mr. Yao Khay Kew in 1953, Pinang Kicap began as a small scale factory name Chop Soon Cheong where located in Bagan Ajam, Butterworth. During his stayed in between 1954 – 1985, locals already referring him as a mastery of soy sauce maker. In 1986, he began the partnership with friends to relocate factory to Permatang Tengah in which Pinang Kicap Brand was established. Already been more than 64 years in business and Pinang Kicap still embrace the traditional way of soy sauce making with less modern technology involved. Our soy sauce is naturally brewed. We only produce the best product by having the most complete and best protein mix. They are also high in minerals, particular Calcium and Magnesium, and Vitamin B.

More Than 64 Years of Fine Taste

Pinang Kicap is a leading sauce and condiments manufacturer in Malaysia specializing in naturally-brewed soy sauce and bean paste since 1980. All our soy sauce and bean paste products are 100% naturally brewed and we have the naturally-brewed soy sauce facility in the Penang. Pinang Kicap’s factory manufactures products to the highest quality standards and the company known to use only non-GMO ingredients and was also receive HALAL and MESTI certification way back in 2016. With a full range of more than 30 different sauces and condiments, Pinang kicap helps professional chefs and home cooks around the world to add fine taste to meals 365 days a year.

Mission and Vision

MISSION: To offer the unique and traditional flavour soy sauce for every people
VISION: To be role model and responsible supplier in supplying high quality and nutritional products.

Marketing strategy

Referral Marketing Strategy sometime is called Word-of-Mouth Marketing, as both forms of marketing are using third parties to drive sales to the retailer or end customers. This business and marketing strategy is relying more on trust and personal relationships. With our business targets more on niche market, our brand and quality of the products are spread more effectively in locally. .

Nutritional Value Of Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce is one of the soy products that are known to have high sodium content. It is the salty fermented paste made out of soy beans. It is known to have several health benefits to its credit, owing to its high nutritional value. For instance, soy sauce helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and is also known to cure diarrhea. It has rich content of protein, niacin and manganese as well, which are necessary components for good health. Some studies have shown that soy sauce can help in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

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